Screen Recording Suite 4.1.2

A video capturing utility that boasts quality and efficiency

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    TV Tuners & Video Capture

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 2003 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 10

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    6.4 (309)

Screen Recording Suite provides users with a complete screen recording application suitable for creating tutorials, teaching lessons or making training videos. Screen recordings can provide a convenient way to create your own informational and how-to videos. The suite provides the tools you need to zoom in on specific aspects of the screen and give context to your narration and written text. The software supports recording from a variety of sources. You can connect a microphone, musical instrument, MIDI-compatible device or other input device to record audio and video directly into the program.

The default video format is the WMV format. This can create some issues when you want to import the video into other audio-editing programs. It also makes it difficult to share your files with people that don't have a Windows-based operating system. WMV acts as the proprietary format for Microsoft Windows. If you do need to export a video to a specific format, the software provides profiles that allow you to export your video to a format supported by Apple, Android or Sony devices. The software also allows you to export the final product as an AVI, MKV, MP4, SWF, FLV and 3GP video format. Other video formats are supported as well and one of these formats is sure to meet your needs.

Screencasting is one of the best features of this tool. In a screencast, you can show yourself in the corner of a video while recording what you're doing on screen. This allows you to create video game tutorials or manuever around your computer. Everything you see on screen gets recorded so that your viewers can see it as well. Screencasts support using external and internal audio sources and provide enough formats to edit and produce your final recordings using a variety of video editing programs.

The interface is easy to use. From the "Start" menu, you can select whether you want to record a specific region, the entire screen or the area surrounding the mouse. You can also choose to use a web camera, or record only the audio and leave out video. Screenshots can be captured with a click of a button and the video converter provides a way to change formats to one of several other video formats. A simple drop-down menu allows you to select preferences for the audio format. The "Tools" menu also allows you to choose from various tools required for creating presentations.


  • Professional level software for creating tutorials, training videos and screenshots.
  • Support for both internal and external audio sources.
  • Quickly convert audio and video formats into other formats.
  • Comprehensive tools to polish and edit your videos.


  • Comes in a trial version and not freeware.
  • May present a slight learning curve for people unfamiliar with screencast technology.
  • The quality of videos is dependent upon the video and audio quality.
  • Exports files into WMV format, which can cause compatibility problems with other programs.

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